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    Grounding an AC unit

    Hello I am one that has a bit of electrical sensitivities. A few yrs ago moved in with my parents the Ac unit there I was fine with the second summer the unit broke put a new one in was fine then the AC guy came back two weeks later put one of them slabs underneath the unit ..Then I started getting headaches all the time now I noticed this yr hurting when ac unit is one , Then I realized when it was on the ground that may have been grounded thats why it didnt bother me now putting it on the slab may have stopped it from being grounded

    Now my mother wont let me take the slab out for whatever reason so what im wonderring is there a way to properly ground it with grounding wires from unit to ground


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    The slab is not a factor in what is bothering you.

    All units are required to be bonded to the electrical panel via an equipment grounding conductor. The slab has no effect on the unit, as there is already a path to the service neutral and the ground via the grounding electrode, usually a rod driven into the ground near the service.

    I suspect something is afoot with this post. Hmmm........
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    That sounds like a brain tumor, better get it checked. The A/C electrical is not causing your headaches. Maybe there is a tiny pinhole leak and the refrigerant is causing you issues. However, if that were the case you should have headaches when the A/C is operating, not off. And sooner or later your headaches should disappear because the A/C will be out of gas which means no more leaks to bother you.

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    Is this post for real? Stop huffing the Freon.

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