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    Induction Lighting Systems

    Although this technology has been around for a very long time, I'm still amazed at the number of people that are unfamiliar with it. Does anyone have any recent experience with installing new induction luminaires? If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of this technology.

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    We did 10 in a parking lot. They were neptune retrofit kits replacing existing metal halides on poles. The bulbs last forever, the ballasts on the other hand were a different story. Within 2 years we replaced 6 ballasts under warranty, neptune refused the 7th bad ballast (all different fixuters). After 2 more went out we deretrofitted the fixtures back to MHs. It's only been a year since we swapped the MHs back in but there have been no issues to date.

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    We've been doing LED's. Mainly for the lamp life because of the complicaiton and cost of relamping in an industrial environment. Also, when doing new installs, you can install more on a single circuit.

    I think LED's have come down enough that I'm not sure Induction has a place anymore. Just at least my take.

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    LED's don't like heat. If you run over about 100°F normally the life severely decreases. So for high-heat areas you'll want to go induction or T5 (T8 has heat issues also). Inversely, in cold areas you'll be gone before the LED's are, normally.

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    Remote phosphor LED's are the new norm for LED's. By having the phosphor moved away from the emitting surface you can yield uniform light and reduce heat.

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    The LAST induction lights I installed the would save money and last a LoooooNG time failed within weeks. Replaced them and failed again.
    I think that I won't install any more for a while.

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