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    600VDC Versus 1000VDC Systems

    I'm starting to see more PV equipment being offered at the 1000VDC rating. Anyone have any compelling arguments to make as to the advantages/disadvantages of installing a 1000VDC system over a 600VDC system?

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    Old question, stumbled upon it.

    It would be my opinion that the higher voltage could allow you to fall into an NEC category that will require more safety equipment and a different insurance classification making it negate any advantage one way or the other...

    I believe as of right now the UL provisions limit US systems to 600VDC and the NEC 690.7(C) does not have the verbiage for use yet.

    We always seem to be 5-7 years behind Europe.

    If a day goes by and you have learned nothing, I hope you got a lot of sleep.

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    Welcome to the 2014 nec code, 1000v systems are now allowed by code. This was an issue of PID losses vs conductor losses. Turns out, good thing we didn't have 1000v systems as PID is a real issue today. I wouldn't like to see it with 1000v systems as the standard. I imagine Europe has some pretty awful degradation rates, as floating ground (transformerless) systems are riddled with PID problems.

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